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May 8th, 2024
Web Workshop: Do You Know How to Expand Your Scope of Practice? 

January 17, 2024
Web Workshop: Do You Know How to Periodize Your Nutrition Program? Dr. Dana Lis & Jennifer Gibson

May 4, 2023
Web Workshop:  Do You Know How to Read and Apply Sport Nutrition Research?
Dr. Dana Lis & Dr. Matthew Frakes

Nutritional Revolution Episode 66:
Jennifer Gibson & Dr Dana Lis: How to Dig Deeper into your Sports Nutrition Practice. 

All Me Taylor Hooten Foundation Podcast Episode 85: Jennifer Gibson, Bloodwork Analysis & Athletic Performance 

GSSI Pre-con Satellite Dublin, Ireland: Athlete Health Celiac, Wheat Sensitivity vs Gluten Sensationalism and Low FODMAPs to Treat GI Syndrome in Athletes   Dr. Dana Lis

CPSDA Webinar: Practical Integration of Sport Science into Performance Nutrition. Jennifer Gibson

Fuel the Pedal Podcast Episode 31: Using the Low FODMAPS Diet in Pro Cycling. Dr. Dana Lis. 

Raising Men Podcast. Eating for Athletic Success. Talking Olympic Nutrition with Jennifer Gibson. 

Nutritional Revolution Episode 49: Collagen Supplementation Mistakes to Avoid. Dr. Dana Lis. 

Podcast Lectures

Leave your Mark Podcast: Elite Operator Performance Nutrition with Dana Lis and Jennifer Gibson

Leave your Mark Podcast: A Nutrition Performance Conversation with Dana Lis, Jen Sygo, and Trent Stellingwerff

Fast Talk Femmes Podcast: Fueling for Performance—with Dr. Dana Lis

We Do Science Performance Nutrition Podcast. "Gluten-Free Diets, FODMAPs and Athletes" with Dr Dana Lis

Long Munch Podcast: Can a continuous glucose monitor enhance my performance? Dr. Dana Lis

American Medical Society Podcast. Gluten with Drs. Alessio Fasano and Dana Lis

Sport RD Snippets Podcast Jennifer Gibson:  Veteran Sport RD

Raising Men Podcast: Elite nutrition and chasing gold with Olympic RD Jennifer Gibson

Taylor Hooten Foundation All Me Podcast: Bloodwork analysis and athletic performance. Jennifer Gibson

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